About Cooking Holiday in Izu

We are a group of professional chefs, passionate home cooks, and National Government Licensed Guide Interpreters, all based in Izu Peninsula and Mt. Fuji area offering Japanese cooking classes and tailor-made food tours including visits to the farms, markets, food processing factories, local sake & beer breweries, restaurants serving dishes made from the local ingredients as well as sightseeing tours in the area.
​Here are our core members.  We are all looking forward to meeting you here! 

Noriko Hasegawa

Having lived in and travelled many places including the northern part of Honshu where I was born and raised, New Zealand where I spent a year on a high school exchange programme, Tokyo where I studied and worked, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the US where I visited on holiday or on business while I was working for a European and a US companies, I now feel totally at home living here in Izu with my husband and our cat.  It's not just because of its mild climate or abundant variety of ultra fresh fish and farm products,  but because of the local people who are considerate in an unobtrusive way maintaining "good old Japan" of the area.

​It is 20 years since we moved to Izu, and I consider myself entirely an Izu local now. As a guide, I would be happy if I could help our guests closely communicate with the local people engaged in farming, local industries, and food businesses to have one and only great memory to take home.  And the best way to do it, I believe, is putting a plate of delicious local food on the table together.  All the members of Cooking Holiday in Izu are looking forward to seeing you here in Izu.

Certified Geoguide of the Izu Peninsula Geopark 

National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (Cert.No: EN00183 Shizuoka Pref.)

Certified Domestic Travel Services Manager (Cert.No: 28-48-2681), Authorized Tour Conductor

Member of Slow Food Mt. Fuji, and a passionate home cook!


​Kayoko Kawamura

The Izu Peninsula, where we live, abounds with delicious foods and fantastic landscapes.  Packing my bento (boxed lunch) and going for a picnic with my family at a quiet beach or on a mountain in the Izu Peninsula has always been one of the greatest pleasures of my life.  Can you imagine how lovely sunshine, gentle wind, and even a faint sound of falling leaves add a touch of wonderful spice to your bento?  


As a bento chef and coordinator of Cooking Holiday in Izu to produce a very special, one and only lunch time just for you, I would be delighted to take you for a picnic at one of the best spots in Izu where my family and I go in each weekend. Not to mention on a sunny day, even a day of sprinkling of rain will give you a lush flavour of Izu. 

Chef & Coordinator

WASHOCOOK Licensed Teacher


Asuka Watanabe

My grand mother used to own an inn here in the Izu Peninsula, and helping her out with the chore and having guests around were everyday events for our family.  Maybe because of that early background, I had such a great time meeting lots of people when I lived in Canada in my twentieth, and still do at my café in Izu City where we moved to live six years ago.  My husband and I are so much enjoying raising our two children in the bosom of nature here, and I would love to share the charm and pleasure of the Izu Peninsula with all my guests just like my grandmother used to.

I receive tea ceremony lesson regularly, and was so fascinated by the seasonal "wagashi (Japanese fresh sweets)" served at the lesson with its exquisite appearance, aroma, and flavour that I mastered the technique of making it by myself.  Now I serve my wagashi to my guests at my café.  Come and enjoy making wagashi with me at my café as it is the best way to appreciate the real beauty of nature!

Wagashi (Japanese fresh sweets) Instructor



Atsuko Kato

I am an Izu native, born and raised in Mishima, the northern most city of the Izu Peninsula. After studying art and design at college, I left for Mexico in 1987, where I married to a Japanese ceramic artist, Chihiro Kato.  We returned to Japan in 1992 to establish Rakan-yo (pottery) as well as to open our restaurant, "Rakan" in Izu City. It is over 10 years now since I started managing the restaurant by myself based on my late husband’s belief that “my ceramics become decent dishes only when carefully prepared food is served on them.” 

While my mother and grandmother were my first cooking teachers, my present cooking teacher is the surrounding nature here in Central Izu.  I enjoy cooking and arranging my fare as if I paint the ever-changing seasons on the ceramics that my husband left.  

What I always treasure is to stay relaxed, never be pompous, and always be my natural self just like the surrounding nature.  At Rakan, I serve only one group a day. If I could share the simple yet luxurious moment with my guests here in Izu, I would be delighted.

Owner & Chef of RAKAN

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Fumie Ueda

Atami is only 50 minutes away from Tokyo by Shinkansen trains and is not far from Mt. Fuji.  I am excited to show you around beautiful places that I love around here.


I grew up in Yokohama, spent 1 year as a high school exchange student in Allentown, PA in the US, went to college and lived/worked in Tokyo for about 10 years before coming to this beautiful onsen resort.  After becoming a guide, I met with guests from various backgrounds, and I feel grateful once again, for my experience to be exposed to different cultures in my youth.


I live with my husband, and in my spare time, I like to watch sport, play the clarinet and eat delicious food. 


Let’s have a great time together!

National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter

(Cert.No: EN00187 based in Atami, Shizuoka Pref.)

Authorized Tour Conductor 


Yasuko Yanagimachi

Welcome to Shizuoka in the central area of Japan!


I was born in Hakone, Kanagawa Pref., grew up in the Izu Peninsula, and studied English in  Kanagawa  University in Yokohama.  After graduation, I travelled a lot of countries such as Europe, U,S., Asia, and lived in Australia for a year.  I had a great time and wonderful experiences there.  So I decided  to  become a  licensed  tour guide to introduce Japan to foreign tourists.  Now I live in Izu which is close to Mt.Fuji and Hakone.

I'm interested in arts, hot springs, traditional places, and of course delicious food.

I would like to introduce beautiful Izu which has lots of geosites and traditional hot spring resorts, such as Shuzenji, Nagaoka, and so on.

Let's enjoy this area together!!

National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter

(Cert.No: EN00189 Shizuoka Pref.)

Authorized Tour Conductor