Atami Tours

Atami is one of the most popular seaside resorts for its mild climate, a number of hot springs, hotels, and good restaurants in addition to museums and other cultural sites.   
What's more, it is easy to see everyday lives of the locals as the town is relatively small being enclosed by mountains and sea.   Check what the town offers and our sample itineraries below, pick up several places you want to visit, and contact us to tailor-make your own itinerary to enjoy both foody adventures and sightseeing in Atami.



Not only its superb collection of Japanese and other Eastern art, the MOA's premises are also something to see with a magnificent view of Sagami Bay as well as the beautiful Japanese gardens.  Enjoy also its first-rate restaurants (Japanese and French) and cafes.

*Entree fee: ¥1,600/person


Akao Herb & Rose Garden

One side of a whole mountain is covered with 12 theme gardens including the Japanese Garden with arguably the world largest bonsai "Phoenix Pine."  The winner of "Excellent Garden Award” by the World Rose Federation based in London provides many different kinds of flowers throughout the year.  Seasonal sweets and lunch can be enjoyed at the cafes and restaurants with a view of Sagami Bay.

​*Entree fee: ¥1,000/person


"Kiunkaku" Villa

The villa was originally built in 1919 as a holiday home of a shipping tycoon who was making a fortune during the WWI booming economy.  Traditional Japanese-style architecture of the main building and European design of the annex incorporated with Chinese and some Arabesque styles as well as a beautiful Japanese garden are gorgeously put together. 

​*Entree fee: ¥510/person


Geigi Dance Performance

Geigi are professional entertainers, and Atami has been one of the famous geigi districts in Japan. Their training theatre (kaburenjo) is opened to public in weekends, where people can enjoy their dance performance over a cup of green tea and sweets.  Photo sessions with the geigis after the performance is available.

​*Entree fee: ¥1,500/person


Atami Castle and Samurai Museum

Built in 1959 as a tourist attraction, Atami Castle overlooks Sagami Bay and Atami City.  Inside, there is Samurai Museum with displays of swords and armour from the feudal periods.  There is also an ukiyo-e printing museum, a photo corner where you can put on costumes and dress up like a samurai or princess.  

​*Entree fee: ¥900/person


Konomiya Shrine

Deity of Fortune and Luck is enshrined here.  The shrine has a sacred camphor tree which is more than 2,000 years old and designated as a natural treasure.  It is believed that if you go around the 24m thick tree one time, your life is extended by one year.  Visitors can enjoy"lucky sweets" made from parched-barley flower at the cafe.


Plum Garden

Thanks to the mild climate in Atami, this plum garden is proud of its fastest blooming plum blossoms in Japan and is also famous for the autumn foliage which lasts long.  

​*Entree fee: ¥300/person


Izusan Shrine 

This shrine has a history going back more than 2,000 years, and Izu Peninsula was named after this shrine.  Enshrined here are red and white dragons representing fire and water respectively.  They are said to reside beneath Izusan and boil the water.  Visitors can go down 837 steps to find running hot spring source called “Hashiriyu”, believed to be the mouth of the dragon. 


Running Hot Spring Source, "Hashiriyu"

One of the three oldest hot spring sources in Japan, and this is especially unique, 

mysterious, and spiritual being in the style of a cave tunnel, which has a depth of 5m from the mouth.  Each day around 7,000 tons of 70 degree hot water spurts out. Visitors can enjoy small footbaths drawn from the hot springs to relax and take in pleasant views of the ocean.


Yuzen Shrine and Ohyu Geyser

Deity of Hot Spring is enshrined here.  When the first Shogun of Edo Period, Ieyasu, visited Atami in 1604, he was so impressed with the healing powers of its hot spring that he and his successors had water taken to Edo (Tokyo) by boat, the carrying procession of which still remains in a form of a festival hosted by this shrine.


Atami Sun Beach

An artificial bathing beach revitalised in 1986, where people can enjoy not only sunbathing in summer, but beautiful views of blue sea, white sand, and seasonally  blooming trees lined along the beach road.  This is where people come and watch the fireworks display, one of Atami’s specialties held more than 10 times each year. 


Panoramique View of Mt. Fuji from Jukkoku Pass

The summit of the pass can be reached by cable car 316m in length, offering a superb view of the cultural World Heritage site of Mt Fuji as well as a complete 360 degree panoramic view of Suruga Bay and Sagami Bay and more if the weather permits.  35 minutes by bus from Atami Station.

Sample Itinerary A: Atami Foody Walking Tour 


6 hours

Meeting Time and Location:

9:30 a.m. at JR Atami Station or Reception of your hotel in Atami

End Time and Location:

3.30 p.m. at JR Atami Station or your hotel in Atami


Places to Visit: 

- Atami Arcade with stores of sweets, dried fish, pickles, green tea, etc.
- Local Confectionary Store(s) "Sekishu-an," "Mase," and/or "Tokiwagi"  

- Noodle Store (except on Saturday) 

- Tofu Store

- Geigi Agency Theatre ("Kenban") to see Geigi Dance Performance 

 over a cup of green tea with sweets (weekends only)

​ or watch Geigi dance or musical practice on weekdays (if available)

- Kiunkaku Villa

- Dried Bonito (katsuobushi) Store (except on Sunday)

- Sake Store

- Local Supermarket



This is a walking tour.  

However, we may take a bus or taxi as needed because going back to the Station is uphill all the way.

Guide Fee: 

¥30,000/group (up to 8 peo)

* Transportation fare, entrance fees, lunch for your group and the guide are not included.

​Access to Atami: Check here.

Sample Itinerary B: Budget Taxi Tour


3 hours

Meeting Time and Location:

1:00 p.m. at JR Atami Station

End Time and Location:

4.00 p.m. at MOA Museum of Art 

or other place of your choice in Atami on Thursdays when the Museum is closed


Places to Visit: 

- Atami Sun Beach (10 min.)
- Running Hot Spring Source, "Hashiriyu" (10 min.)

- Izusan Shrine (25 min.)

- MOA Museum of Art (or other place of your choice in Atami on Thursdays) 




Taxi (30-40% off the regular fee for a chartered taxi with the fixed itinerary)

Fare: ¥4,500 for a small taxi for 4 passengers

         ¥5,000 for a medium taxi for 5 passengers

         ¥8,000 for a large van for 9 passengers

Guide Fee: 

¥15,000/group (up to 8 people)

* Transportation fare and entrance fees are not included.

​Access to Atami: Check here.


Tea-leaf Jar with a design of wisteria by Ninsei

National Treasure

​MOA Museum


Dried fish, Atami's speciality, and a cat

Atami Arcade