Cooking Picnic Bento (boxed lunch) & 

Japanese Sweets of the Season, and Sightseeing in Shuzenji

A bento is a boxed meal for school students, workers, hikers, travellers, and even "Kabuki" theatergoers in Japan. It is not only well-balanced containing protein, cooked or pickled veggies, and rice, but also very tasty if the ingredients are properly prepared.  


In this cooking holiday tour, we make a picnic bento of the season at our Chef Kayoko's home. It involves demonstrations, some hands-on cooking, and filling the lunch box by yourselves.  Various tips are given to you to make your bento tasty and beautiful to look at.  


We then go for a picnic taking your own bento to a nature-surrounded place that only the locals know.   Following lunch, we have a "wagashi (Japanese sweets) " workshop at a serene Japanese tea salon nearby.

At the end of the day, we go for a walk through a chic hot spring resort and historic temple town of Shuzenji.  

Come and join this cooking holiday programme, which will surely give you an inspiration to change your lunch and tea or coffee time back home!

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8 hours 

[Meeting Location]

JR Mishima Station (on the Tokaido Shinkansen)

or other train station or at your hotel in North or Mid Izu area

[Recommended Shinkansen]

From Tokyo/Shinagawa

9:03 a.m. Leave Tokyo by Shinkansen HIKARI #465

9:10 a.m. Leave Shinagawa

9:48 a.m. Arrive at Mishima

From Osaka/Kyoto

7:26 a.m. Leave Shin-Osaka by Shinkansen HIKARI #510

​7:42 a.m. Leave Kyoto

9:55 a.m. Arrive at Mishima 

[Sample Itinerary] 

​- Meet at Mishima Station and travel on to TAKYOU Station on the Izu-Hakone Line (26 minutes)

- Attend a bento (lunch box) cooking class at a local's home

- Go for a picnic taking the bento you cooked

- Try "Wagashi (Japanese Sweets)" making at a Japanese tea salon 

​- Stroll in the town of Shuzenji calling at Shuzenji Temple, going through the bamboo forest path, etc.

[End Location]

Shuzenji Station (Izu-Hakone Line)

or other train station oat your hotel in North or Mid Izu area


Up to 2 people  ¥45,000 

3 people  ¥51,000 (¥17,000/person)

4 people  ¥60,000 (¥15,000/person)

Contact us for the fee for 5 or more people. 

[What's Included]

- Guide fee

- Lesson fees including drinks at the tea salon

[What's Extra] 

- Transportation fare

[Optional Cost]

If you would like to see a Kamikiri performance in Shuzenjithe fee will be an extra (¥1,000 - ).

Please check with us its availability on your booking of the tour.


Your reservation is confirmed upon our receipt of your full payment via PayPal.  The instructions will be given as soon as your itinerary is finalised.  Refer to our Terms & Conditions before making your payment.

​- We are flexible within the time frame, and can call in at the local stores, craft shops, etc. on your request.