Cooking Classes

The following are some of the cooking classes we offer.  In each class, plenty of ultra fresh local ingredients are used.  The classes are held at a chef's home, a Japanese tea salon, or a restaurant's cooking studio (with a great view of Mt. Fuji if weather permits), all in the totally laid-back atmosphere.  Check the details, and contact us to plan your unique cooking holiday in Izu!

​Learn tips for making a tasty bento at the home kitchen of one of our chefs' and go on a picnic taking your own bento.  Japanese Sweets workshop follows.


Yakuzen, Food Therapy and Cooking Class based on

Oriental Medicinal Theory

You are what you eat.  But what and how should we eat to improve and enhance our health?   Yakuzen based on the Oriental Medicinal Theory has all the answers.  This class includes a lecture and some hands-on cooking of a full course meal.

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