Come and visit farms, traditional food processing factories, markets, and shops, and/or have lunch at unique restaurants in the Izu Peninsula and Mt. Fuji area.  We will tailor-make your itinerary according to your interests, and our National Certified Guide Interpreters will help you find out and taste our local food and drinks.  Sightseeing can also be included, of course.  Check the highlights of each part of the Izu Peninsula and Mt. Fuji area, and contact us to arrange your own itinerary.



Start at JR Atami Station

Only 48-minute shinkansen ride from Tokyo, Atami, a portal town to Izu Peninsula, is a popular seaside resort for its mild climate, a number of hot springs, hotels, and good restaurants in addition to museums and other cultural sites. 


North Izu

Start at JR Mishima, Numazu, or Kannami  St.

About one hour shinkansen ride from Tokyo takes you to Mishima, another portal town to Izu Peninsula.  Kannami and Numazu can be reached by JR Tokaido Line.  The local railway, Izu-Hakone Line, starts from Mishima.


Central Izu

Start from Shuzenji

Not just being a quiet and elegant hot spring resort with long history, Shuzenji is where the real attraction of Izu starts. Wasabi fields, farmers' market, hidden away restaurants, etc. in Central Izu can all be reached from Shuzenji.  


West Izu

Start at Shuzenji Station

Visit a traditional dried bonito factory and find out all the secret of the "umami" savour of Japanese soup stock.  Wasabi fields in the deep forest is also a must-see.   At the end of the day, watch the breathtaking sunset soaking yourself in a hot spring.



Start at JR Fujinomiya St.

Fujinomiya has been developed as a shrine town of Sengen Grand Shrine, where the Deity of Mt. Fuji is enshrined.  Well-watered thanks to runoff from Mt. Fuji, the town now has a number of breweries and rainbow trout cultivating facilities making the most of  the pure water.