Fujinomiya has been developed as a shrine town of Sengen Grand Shrine, where the Deity of Mt. Fuji is enshrined.  Well-watered thanks to runoff from Mt. Fuji, the town now has a number of brewerie, rainbow trout cultivating facilities, tea farms, etc. making the most of the pure water.
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Sake Brewery

Sake's regionality heavily depends on the water of the region.  This brewery is blessed with abundant spring water of Mt. Fuji.  Find out how sake is brewed as it's process and method are more complicated than those for making wine or beer, and how the flavour of Mt. Fuji is like by trying various sake.  Super fruity and floral flavour of DAIGINJO sake will surely surprise you.


The shrine is the headquarters of the Sengen shrines around Japan worshipping Mt. Fuji as the Deity named Princess of Blossoms, who is the symbol of beauty and piety thus the guardian of happy home and easy childbirth.  Because the town is well-watered thanks to spring water originated from Mt. Fuji, people come here to pray also for water, safety while traveling, fishing and good harvest, and against fires. 


Shizuoka Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. Fuji, is home of green tea producing 40% of the total green tea production in Japan.  At this tea farm in Fujinomiya, tea picking, a lesson on how to brew green tea as well as tasting different varieties of tea, and a casual green tea party are available.  In case of rain, tea picking will be done in the greenhouse.