• Nina

Paper Cutout "Kamikiri" Performance

"Kamikiri (paper cutout)" is a Japanese performance art which involves cutting silhouette images out of a plain piece of paper within several minutes based on requests from the audience without drawing an outline beforehand.  Chiharu Mizuguchi, a Shuzenji local Kamikiri artist, takes your requests: your portraits, special moments in your daily life such as playing with your dog, sweet memories from your childhood, or even an imagined scenery that you have always had in your mind, etc..  Why don't you request her to cut out your memories and unique experiences in Japan?


One hour programme includes Chiharu's performance, a paper cutout workshop using a simple template, and Chiharu's taking your request.


Contact us for Chiharu's availability for she is often away from her gallery for events and performances held out of Shuzenji during the day.  If she is available, we can set up your appointment with her to include in your itinerary.


A small and simple portrait costs ¥1,000 during the business hours (11:00-15:00).  

​However, the actual fee depends on your request, the size, and how elaborate the cutout will be.  

Payable by cash only.