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Visiting Dried Bonito Factory

"Katsuobushi" or dried bonito is an indispensable ingredient for the Japanese broth. Kanesa Katsuobushi Store on the west coast of the Izu Peninsula has been producing the premium type of Katsuobushi called "Hon-karebushi" since the store was established in the late 19th century. What's more special of this store is Yasu Serizawa, 5th generation of the Store, who is also the only craftsman in Japan to produce "Shio-katsuo (bonito preserved in salt)," the traditional preservative food which has been made since 1,200 years ago. He tries his best to preserve this authentic food as it is the soul food and the identity of the people in West Izu. Shio-katsuo is now registered in the ark-of-taste of Slow Food International.

If you wish to visit this bonito factory to find out more about the secret of the tasty Japanese food, the tour can be organized from ¥5,000/group. Contact us at Cooking Holiday in Izu for details.

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