A 190-year-old Folk House

Japanese Haute Cuisine Restaurant

Rakan is a 190-year old folk house restaurant in the middle of the rice paddy fields in Central Izu, where you can enjoy haute cuisine lunch by an artisan chef, Atsuko.  She serves only one group per day as she wishes all her guests to relax and enjoy her heartfelt hospitality through her creative, delicious, and aesthetic dishes made from a plenty of fresh local ingredients.  Whistling of birds, murmur of the nearby stream flowing down from the wasabi fields in Amagi Mountains, or crackling of firewood in the stove being the only sounds you can hear, you will find yourself relieved of all your daily stress and tension.​

For you to enjoy Central Izu thoroughly, we recommend a day tour with an English speaking guide including strolling around a "Little Kyoto" town of Shuzenji and visiting the wasabi paddy fields in the Amagi Mountains together with lunch at Rakan.  Check the video of the restaurant in summer & autumn as well as our recommended tour, and contact us for reservation.  Remember, Atsuko takes only one group per day, and an early reservation is a must.