Japanese Haute Cuisine Lunch at a 190-year-old Folk House,

Visiting the Wasabi Fields, and Shuzenji Excursion


The day starts with sightseeing in a historical temple town and hot spring resort, Shuzenji.  Along the Katsura River are Shuzenji Temple,

800 year-old sutra library (Shigetsu Den), a bamboo forest path, old wooden buildings of theprestige hotels, etc.  all representing an elegant simplicity of this Zen temple town, often referred to as a "Little Kyoto."  And/or we can visit the local "Kamikiri (paper cutout)" artist's gallery to see her Kamikiri performance.


We then go out of town to the wasabi fields in Central Izu.  Thanks to the abundant pure ground water and deep forests of Amagi Mountain Range, the area is an ideal location for cultivating wasabi, now listed as a World Agricultural Heritage.  The refreshing taste and pleasant pungency of freshly picked wasabi are beyond comparison with the manufactured paste.  The breathtaking view of the lush green of the terraced wasabi fields will surely be one of your unforgettable sights of Japan.

And the highlight of the day is yet to come.  That is lunch at a 190-year old folk house restaurant, Rakan, in the middle of the rice paddy fields, where you can enjoy haute cuisine lunch by an artisan chef, Atsuko.  She serves only one group per day as she wishes all her guests to relax and enjoy her heartfelt hospitality through her creative, delicious, and aesthetic dishes made from a plenty of ultra fresh local ingredients.  Whistling of birds, murmur of the nearby stream flowing down from the wasabi fields, or crackling of firewood in the stove being the only sounds you can hear, you will find yourself relieved of all your daily stress and tension.​

Check the information below, and contact us for reservation.  Remember, Atsuko takes only one group per day, and an early reservation is a must.   



​8 hours

[Meeting Location]

JR Mishima Station (on the Tokaido Shinkansen)

or other train station or at your hotel in North or Mid Izu area

[Recommended Shinkansen]

From Tokyo/Shinagawa

9:03 a.m. Leave Tokyo by Shinkansen HIKARI #465

9:10 a.m. Leave Shinagawa

9:48 a.m. Arrive at Mishima

From Osaka/Kyoto

7:26 a.m. Leave Shin-Osaka by Shinkansen HIKARI #510

​7:42 a.m. Leave Kyoto

9:55 a.m. Arrive at Mishima 

[Sample Itinerary]

- Meet at JR Mishima Station and travel on to Shuzenji by the Izu-Hakone Line (36 minutes)

- Stroll around calling at Shuzenji Temple, Shigetsu-Den (the sutra library) going over red bridges, through the bamboo forest path, etc.

  (Take a bus or taxi from Shuzenji Station to Shuzenji Town.  For about 5-minute ride, the fares are Yen 170 for bus and approx. Yen 820 for taxi)

- Visit wasabi paddies

- Have haute-cuisine lunch at the restaurant in Mid-Izu

*In summer, s​ightseeing in Shuzenji may be done AFTER lunch.

*We are happy to arrange your itinerary based on your requests.

[End Location]

Shuzenji Station (Izu-Hakone Line)

or other train station or at your hotel in North or Mid Izu area


Reservation can be made for at least 2 people.

- 2 people  ¥50,000 (¥25,000/person)

- 3 people  ¥66,000 (¥22,000/person)

- 4 people  ¥80,000 (¥20,000/person)

Contact us for the fee for 5 or more people.

[What's Included]

Guide fee 

- Lunch with one drink (sake, wine, soft drink, or mineral water) 

[What's Extra] 

- Extra drinks at the restaurant (payable by cash only)

- Transportation fare (train & taxi)

  eg. Taxi from Shuzenji Station to the restaurant via wasabi paddies: approx. Yen 5,000


[Optional Cost]

If you would like to see a Kamikiri performance in Shuzenjithe fee will be an extra (¥1,000 - ).

Please check with us its availability on your booking of the tour.


- Some of the courses of the lunch are served in the "tatami" room.  Floor chairs are available for those who find it difficult to sit on the tatami floor.  You can lean back against the seat with stretching your legs.