West Coast

The Izu Peninsula was created by submarine and terrestrial volcanic eruptions of over 40 million years. While the strata of the first 20 million years are buried underground, that of the latter 20 million years can be observed on the surface of the peninsula today.  The deep sea and landscape along the west coast created by submarine volcanos and erosion over the years offer a plenty of seafood and number of scenic adventures.   One hour ride on a bus from Shuzenji will take you to the west coast of Izu.  


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Cave Tour of Dogashima

Explore the landscape of Dogashima, consisting of complicated coastline and small islands, on a boat. The highlight of the 20-minute cruise is “Tensodo”, a cave with open ceiling, designated as a natural treasure.  The sunlight coming in through the cave ceiling is glorious and somewhat ambrosial. 



Nishi-izu Town calls itself as the Sunset Town.  Do plan to stay a night or two to see it yourself, and if the weather permits, you can have a view of Mt. Fuji over Suruga Bay on your right.